Today I discovered Le Petit Zinc, a hidden restaurant in Detroit thanks to my good friend Tony. This now makes for two restaurants that I have discovered in Detroit this month.

I called Tony up for lunch after I was done with a photo assignment Sunday afternoon & we settled on meeting at Mudgie’s (recent favorite). I was looking forward to a great turkey sandwich, root beer & chips. Actually, I had been thinking about eating there for the past few days so I really needed to satisfy my appetite.

All of my food lusting came to a screeching halt when I pulled up to Mudgie’s & noticed that they were closed on Sunday’s. Why didn’t I call first?

With disappointment totally set in, Tony asked where to next & I said to somewhere where grease wasn’t on the menu. Tony then suggested going to Le Petit Zinc. I was like what? What’s that?

As it turns out, Le Petit Zinc is one of many new creperies popping up around Detroit & it was literally around the corner from Mudgie’s.

We enter the small & cozy dining area & I was struck by the lively & VERY French décor. The bright yellow walls, aroma of brewing coffee & scent of warm bread comforted me.

The menu was offerings were simply stated & reasonably priced making me want to try it all!

I ordered the “Jambon et Fromage” (ham & brie), which came with a small green salad flavored with a light but tasty oil & vinegar dressing. The crepe was filing & hit the right spot! The cost of $6.25 made it even better. Mindspill

Good fresh non-greasy food @ reasonable prices is a major plus!

While I‘m totally digging Le Petit Zinc, Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes is my unmovable favorite creperie in Detroit.

I wonder what I will stumble upon next!?!?

Side Notes:
– I LOVE roosters. They are so cool
– I have always wanted to paint my kitchen yellow
– I ate my 1st crepe 8 years ago
– Tony knows where everything is