Mindspill I’m nearing the home stretch of my BBA program; just quick 6 classes after this semester & it’s not coming soon enough.

Right now, I’m enrolled in a human resource development course (bore) & a finance course (double bore). As it stands, I’m doing OK in both classes but I’m not having the best semester. For some reason, I’m kinda stuck in some kind of funk that I cannot shake

One major factor of my funk is my finance class! It’s not hard but at the same time I feel like I’m not learning anything. My instructor SUCKS like none that I’ve encountered.

He mumbles lectures (I won’t mention the very heavy West African accent), gives us worksheets that are barely legible, does not answer emails, & shows major schizophrenic tendencies.

While writing this, I decided to check & was not surprised to see these comments:

“I am not the best student in the world, but I am a B student and put a lot of effort into this class. He’s intelligent, but not helpful and not meant to teach. I had a very hard time understanding him through his accent and felt lost in his class.”

“Do not take him! His handwritten notes are almost impossible to read. and when he uses powerpoints, he won’t post them online and he flies through them. He ask for our feedback of the class half way through, then doesn’t even bother to really listen to what we have to say. If you don’t want to hear it, don’t ask!”

How in the hell did he get tenured?!?!

I leave class every Wednesday night saying that I learned nothing! Well, wait, I now know how to calculate the interest on a long term T-Bond but I’m not sure if I will ever need that knowledge.

Most times when I’m in this finance class, I pray that someone pulls the fire alarm!

After discussion of my feelings with other classmates, I know that I am not alone by any means with my feelings.

Tonight, we had a 30-question midterm exam on shit we hardly covered in class. One student even blurted out “how are you going to test us on something you haven’t taught us?” The instructor looked at him, like are you talking to me bitch, then there was dead silence.

To make matters worse, I wrote my instructor evaluation 2 weeks ago & I’m really going to go there on him! And I’m seriously considering gong to the head of the finance dept to launch a complaint.

Just 2 more months & this torture will be over.

Woe is me!



I got this message 4/17/10 from a classmate.

“Fellow Students of FIN XXXX

We have now had our first exam in Dr. XXXX’s class and I was wondering your thoughts upon our professor and if you feel receiving the adequate information to have a good grasp on the course as of this time. I have taken the liberty to contact the Dean of the Finance department here at EMU COB and they are very interested in our thoughts of our Professor as I am not the only student who has brought his teaching to their attention…

One of the major concerns is having a large supply of handouts that are just about fill in the black is not the ideal way to teach any class in a university setting. We are attending an accredited university where you would expect to get what you pay for, meaning that I anticipated I would be in a learning environment where we are educated in a professional and inviting manor.

I currently have a meeting scheduled with the Dean of the Finance department this Friday March 19, 2010 at 11:00am. I have been instructed to obtain as many students from his class that are unhappy with his teaching; everything will remain completely anonymous and confidential…

If you would like to send me an e-mail with your thoughts and or comments as well as if you are able to attend the meeting or unavailable to attend the meeting would be greatly appreciated. They Deans office would like AS MANY students to come forward so that they can take the needed action so that our learning in FIN XXXX will not suffer any further……

So guess who will be at that meeting this coming Friday!?! Oh shit!