Melinda Anderson is not only a hot event designer & planner but a good friend & awesome client!

When I work for Melinda, I know what she expects in terms of quality. Her expactations become my goal to over deliver while knocking her socks off with awesome interior & party goer shots from her widely talked about events.

This Saturday, I will be under Melinda’s wing again photographing her “Back to the 80’s” party being held at the Detroit Yacht Club. I know this event like her others will not be one to miss!

Unfortunately for me, all of my 80’s outfit options were exhausted we attempting to find vintage wear. So now I’m forced to work & party 80’s style dressed as Teddy Ruxpin. Great! If I lose my nerves, I just bleach then slash some jeans & rock a mohawk.

If you’re in the city or nearby, you should be there!