Last night, I made a trip to the Detroit Film Theatre to see the 2010 Oscar nominated live action & animated short films.

This was quite a treat because it’s not often that large audiences get a chance to see short films. For instance, I only saw 2 of the 2009 nominated shorts.

The program ran a little more than 3 hours & was well worth the time!

Featured were 5 live action & 5 animated films, all of which were AWESOME! Well almost all of them. I’m not a fan of “Wallace & Grommit”, so I took those few moments & dozed off for a few.

My psychic prediction for best animated short is “Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty.”

My psychic prediction for best live action short is “The New Tenants.”

I’m also pulling for “Kavi” for best live action short.

If you’re interested in catching the short films, the official Oscars website has a screening list. You won’t be disappointed.

In other movie news; I saw “The Wolfman” last week & its at the top of my life of worst films of 2010 & possible 2011. Yes, it was that bad! In fact, on Twitter, I said the “the shit I took on Saturday morning was better than ‘The Wolfman.’”

This weekend, I saw “Shutter Island” and it was really all that. Mystery, complex characters, drama, drugs, suspense & an awesome surprise twist! So basically it was everything that a great movie needs.