When I was a boy, I used to make mix tapes all the time from the radio. I thought I was a pro at it! I never caught the commercials or the DJ talking. This made my mix tapes popular with the ladies.

Mix tapes required thought, good timing & effort. Making drag & drop playlists or CDs is just not the same.

Essayist Michael Resnick has said:

“With the CD revolution in the near past and the digital revolution at hand, our music collections exist increasingly on hard drives, computer software, and mp3 players, while vinyl and CDs collect dust in the attic. Simultaneously, the ‘mix tape’ has gone digital, the medium for which it seems it was always meant.”

I wonder if my children will ever reminisce over CDs or their vibrantly colored & shiny 8GB iPod Nanos?

My how times change!