This month marks my 6 year Brotherlock anniversary. Woo Hoo!!! No, it’s really not that exciting but yet here I am.

When I got my Brotherlock six years ago, it took 16 hours & $475.00 to lock my 2.5” hair. My ass still goes numb from the though of sitting that long. Today, my locks measure about 16”.

6 years later, the dumbest question that people still ask me is “how long I’m gone let them thangs get?” Oh the ignorance from my beloved Negro folk. If your interested in more of my hair annoyances invoked by others, click here.

Thinking back, I laugh at myself because my locks looked retarded & it took a good six months to feel totally comfortable with them. Now they’re longs as hell & wind up in my mouth while I’m sleeping. I guess I should put getting a 5-6” trim higher on my priority list.

No matter what, I’m happy that I went with the Brotherlocks locking method vs. traditional locks. They fit my lifestyle much better. For your reference, I started off with traditional locks & me & that process didn’t get along at all. I tried it for like 4 months & it was just a no go.

From time to time, I wonder how many brothers out there with Brotherlocks actually exist because I rarely see any no matter where I travel. I have my suspicions why.

I guess I will celebrate my 6 year Brotherlock anniversary with a bottle of expensive shampoo & a braid out when I got my money right.

Before I wrap this post, I must take a moment to acknowledge some rampant website jankiness that has gone on for far too long.

Dear Dr. JoAnne Cornwell,

The Sisterlocks websites is still outdated & janky as hell. And you still fail to mention Brotherlocks or any other type of inclusiveness.

A good website redesign would cost anywhere from $1200 – $2000, please invest in your business boo. As you know, first impressions are everything.

I’m just saying. OK. Thanks. Bye!