I stopped eating beef a little over two years ago & it was a clean break with no regrets. That is, no regrets until I realized that I could no longer enjoy corned beef sandwiches or French onion soup; two my favorite dishes. Outside of those 2 treats it’s been all good.

Well, it’s been kinda all good! Since my self-imposed restriction, I have cheated 3 times with today being one of those times. From the image above, I’m sure you can see that I surrendered all for my undying love of corned beef sandwiches. I felt so guilty after it was all gone but so full & satisfied.

Today’s lunch was devoured at Mudgie’s Deli located in Detroit’s Corktown district. Shamefully, I have to admit that this was my 1st time @ Mudgie’s since Greg Mudge opened the much loved deli 2 years ago (almost to the day).

After I was seated, Greg asked me where I had been & I was basically like in Loserville for not being at his restaurant until today. Then he offered me on a Wild Bill’s Root Beer (made in northern MI & totally awesome).

Mudgie’s is located in the same spot where former favorite deli, Eph McNally’s existed, where Greg was also a server until they closed. Shortly after Eph McNally’s closed the Corktown location, Greg pulled some things together & before you know it, Mudgie’s was born.

Mudgie’s is one of few places near downtown Detroit where you can get an inexpensive, fresh, & fast meal that’s not packed in grease. The environment is refreshingly vibrant with bright orange walls & it has simply fun & funky décor.

Now that I finally have this place on my foodie radar, it’s on & popping! Especially since they are open through the dinner hour & SMOKE FREE.

Pictured above: Greg Mudge, some of the best “new” pickles in Detroit along with a “Barret” sandwich (corned beef, Mudgie-made creamy cole slaw, Swiss cheese and Mudgie-made thousand island dressing on an onion roll – $8.75)