This evening, I met with photographer Loti Walker who also happens to be the Assistant Director of Programs at the Ann Arbor Art Center to discuss their ArtMakers Teens program. ArtMakers Teens is geared toward at risk youth between the ages of 14-18 and it exposes them to art education. The current session will be led by Loti & will be centered on photography.

During our meeting, Loti shared her vision for this session & the flow of what she wanted the students to experience through digital photography. This is where I come in. Loti extended an invitation for me to come in & give a talk to the students regarding my creative process & photography work. She also invited to me critique some of the student’s work at the end of program before their photography exhibit.

Needless to say, Loti didn’t have to twist my arm at all to get me on board. So Feb 20, 2010 I will give a talk to some young fresh minds, which I find very exciting.

The great thing about this opportunity is that it will allow me to educate & provide community service locally, which is a personal goal every year.

After Loti & I were done talking shop & exchanging fun life stories, I immediately called my Aunt Phyllis to share my news. I knew Aunt Phyllis would be excited because she’s an artist herself & teaches art in the Detroit Public School system. She was so excited for me & asked if she could join me at the talk. I so appreciate her undying support.

Now, I have to focus on my talk outline & prepare a visual presentation for the students to feast on.

On a side note: Loti introduced me to a new word; filthy. When something is filthy, its hot/bad ass/off the chain. When she first said it, I was like what did you just say? She laughed then explained. From there I challenged myself to say it throughout the week. See the Urban Dictionary’s 1. definition (I love the Urban Dictionary).