MindspillGil Scott-Heron is back like a mofo with “I’m New Here;” his 1st album in 16 years. After listening to “I’m New Here” many times, its clear that Gil still has that magic with his powerful rough but smooth voice proving that he’s still powerful, relevant & on pint.

The release has 15 cuts & is a hot 28 minutes long but it packs a powerful punch with poetry, re-memories, hip-hop beats, blue grass themes & the devil!

“Me & The Devil” was the 1st single from the album & it really is a soul stirring, head bopping song that reminds me of why I LOVE Gil Scott-Heron so much. A musical bro-mance if you will. And damn the song’s video is almost too good. It’s just as raw as Gil himself & equally intense.

“On Coming From A Broken Home” (Part 1) & (Part 2) are haunting like “Home Is Where the Hatred Is.” These are the kind of pieces that makes me stop, play, process & repeat.

It’s no surprise that critics from NPR to Soulbounce are enjoying Gil’s latest work, because this shit is just all that; true amalgamation of musical & poetic deliciousness.

I’m happy that released a free preview! Check it out cause it’s so worth your time.

I’ll tell you, Feb 9, 2010 is a day of great musical releases. Gil Scott-Heron & Sade! Who could ask for more?