Last Saturday was a busy but VERY productive day! It all started with a headshot session with actress Misty Mills at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

The session lasted about 1 hour & it moved by quickly! The great thing about the DIA is that it has tons of windows & skylights, so the available light was nothing less than perfect. There are also great architectural backdrops that can be used without blocking any public space, which is just AWESOME.

Above is one of my favorite shots from the session! Here is another outtake from Misty’s shoot that really shows her personality, vibrancy & beautiful eyes.

Misty is actually the 2nd person who I have done headshots for & I think I’m a lot better than before. Hopefully, I can attract more of this type work to get even better.

Practice makes perfect. Right?

Misty had this to say once she got her photos back Monday Morning.

“I hate having my picture taken, but Tafari made it a comfortable, relaxed and fun experience! As an actress, it’s important I have a headshot that I can bank my career on and Tafari has a way of capturing not just your features, but your personality as well. He lets the real you shine through in your photographs and shows off what makes you unique.

As a graphic artist, I always end up worrying about the format of a picture and how it might look in the end, which makes me come off as stiff and worried, but with Tafari I never have to worry. I know that I’ll be pleased with the result every time he clicks the button on his camera.” Misty Mills

After my session with Misty, I met with event designer/wedding planner Melinda Anderson aKa MeMe of MeMe Designs to discuss this hot new project that you will hear more about in the coming weeks. And it’s going to big!

I’m so looking forward to what’s coming up!