I’ve been using Blogger.com’s FTP service to update my blog for the past 5 years & it’s been great. The upside to using the FTP service is that the blog & files are all hosted on my server giving me additional administrative controls that I would not ordinarily have. The down side is that I am not able to use all of the nifty new little features that Blogger hosted sites have such as widgets.

Well, my happy little blogging world came crashing down like a ton of brinks yesterday when Blogger announced that they will no longer support their FTP service, which is used by .5% of their active users.

After digesting the news, I felt a little down. This has been my online home for 5 years & I know have to make a change. Change is good more often than not, but this is one change that I’m not ready for.

On a positive note, Blogger is offering migration assistance to those of us in the .%5 boat & I’m sure many will go along with it but I have decided to move on.

So sometime before March 26, 2010 Tafari’s Mind Spill will have a new look as I move to the Word Press platform. Stay tuned & lets all hope that this is smooth…