Last night, I played with my hair & came up with the style above. Suite Suzy called it a “Fuck Bun” & I said no, it’s a “Hollywood Fuck Bun.” How both names came about is totally random & somewhat private, so I will not go further into any details.

So, last night Suite Suzy & I had a child free date; dinner & a movie & I decided to wear the “Hollywood Fuck Bun.” The first & only concern about rocking the “Hollywood Fuck Bun” was if it would be obstructive at the movies. So…., it then became a social experiment. How would the “Hollywood Fuck Bun” fare at the theater???

Well, I’m happy to report that the “Hollywood Fuck Bun” was not obstructive at the movies but it happened to be an exotic conversation piece as people keep asking me about it. And trust me, I really got a kick out of seeing peoples faces when I told them that it was called a “Hollywood Fuck Bun!” Talk about blank stares & confusion.

Hours later…

We’re back home & I got Suite Suzy to take a few new portraits of me. Yeah, I know, I like a lot of photos of me. I’m an artistic narcissist; sue me!

After some coaching on the lighting set-up, shutter speed, aperture settings & composition, my boo was ready to capture my 1st photos of 2010.

I’m very excited about the results!

Anyway, so yesterday afternoon, I took a bunch nude photos of myself & the images made me throw up in my mouth. OK! Thanks! Bye!

Check out the remix here.