MindspillIf you yesterday told me that Essence magazine was going to call me with a potential photography assignment, I would have cussed you out. But… Today, I would have apologized because ESSENCE MAGAZINE DID call me this afternoon.

Apparently, my website hit the radar of someone & hopefully soon, the rest will be history.For those of you in the know web design & coding, my site’s SEO is working hard for me. Lately, I have been getting contacted out of the clear blue by people looking for goods & services, including agencies outside of the US.

Although, no officially ink has been penned or dried (YET), I’m just really excited about the fact that someone saw my site, appreciated my work & made the call. Like a nerd, I’ve listened to the message like three times!

The details of the job are interesting & something that I could easily knock out of the park, so now I’ll wait to see if it all goes down.

When I got off the phone with the rep & after I did my bitch scream, the one thing that hit me once I calmed down was the continued support that I have received from my readers over the past few years. I’m happy that I have had your support & encouragement!

You have truly made me step my game up.

Photo Above:
Model: My sexy self
Photographer: Myron “The Mr Mr” Watkins