I’m a total gadget nerd always looking for the latest & greatest, but when it comes to web innovations I’m usually reluctant to test or convert. It took me forever to get a Facebook page, I’m staying away from Gmail, & have no idea what the latest web technologies are.

With that said (I hate saying that), I was really excited about trying Google Wave. After attempting to watch the initial Google Wave public beta release video, I was like, I cannot watch this because it was way too long & the jargon was over my head.

Soon after the ridiculously long video, GW was made available for beta testers & after a while I received an invite from a friend.

Like many, I had no idea what GW really was because I couldn’t get through the video, so once my account was set up, I just jumped in & tried to figure it out for myself.

After I got use to the interface, I started playing & honestly, I had it figured out in less than 40 minutes. Once I had my wits about me, I was like, oh yeah, this is a cool tool with great possibilities.

So my quick crib notes explanation on Google Wave is that it’s like an online networking/collaboration tool that can be used to do real time chatting, email, document/video sharing and more.

Since I started using GW, I have connected with other photographers & had some great “waves” on topics ranging from lens selection, photo editing, business goal setting etc. I have also connected with friends & started a “wave” that’s being used to encourage each other to lose weight.

Google Wave still has a long way to go for a successful launch but I like what I’m seeing so far!

Check out this quick break down of the program & if your interested, let me know by emailing me your email address & I will hook you up with a GW invite.

If you’re already on GW, you can connect with me there tafari.sh [at] google wave [dot] com.