It’s been a six months since I’ve done a music post & that’s making me feel a little trifling right about now. Since then, I’ve been meaning to but the lack of time as a resource prevailed.

So I’m now back now to catch you up with the new new!

Hot Singles: Mindspill

Sade – I would be a fool if I did not suggest that you get a hold of the Sade’s NEWEST single, “Soldier of Love” from her forth-coming album of the same title. “Soldier of Love” is beyond hot & I cannot stop listening to it. Oh & the drums on this cut are out of this earth!

“I’m at the borderline of my faith
I’m at the hinterland of my devotion
In the frontline
of this battle of mine
But I’m still alive…
I’m a soldier of love
Everyday am I
I’m a soldier of love
All the days of my life”

There’s just something magical about Sade that makes me want more no matter what she releases. Unfortunately, I like the rest of the world have to wait until Feb 08, 2010 for “Soldier of Love” album to be released.

If you like are I excited about this album, you may want to pre order now. In the meantime, download the “Soldier of Love” single while the link is hot!

Vikter Duplaix – Like electricity? Like love? Well, you will more than LOVE Vikter Duplaix’s hot new single “Electric Love!” I’m a big fan Vikter’s music & this R&B throwback is a clear indication why. The strong vocals, lush groovable instrumentals make “Electric Love” the perfect aural storm!

If you act fast you can cop the single for free at Vikter’s website! Nothing like free & hot music! BTW, no word when the next full release is going to drop.

The Raah Project – I became familiar with the Raah Project after hearing their cut “All of Your Things” on Osunlade’s “Yoruba Soul Radio” podcast. Upon hearing the lead in, I stopped the podcast & went straight to iTunes to download this wonderfully moody tune from Australian duo Tamil Rogeon and Ryan Ritchie. The vocals & 17 piece orchestra makes this song a must have for the eclectic music lover who desires more from music! Download from iTunes

Albums That I Can’t Quit: Mindspill

Georgia Anne Muldrow – I will admit that I never really understood Georgian Ann Muldrow’s music or artistry until I heard her on Erykah Badu’s “Master Teacher.” I guess since then I have been a convert but not totally. I say not totally because her “new” release “Early” is really not new. The songs were all written when Georgian Anne was a mere 17 years old. If you are a current fan of hers, then you know the artistic metamorphosis that she has undergone in the years since…

With all of that said, “Early;” is HOT, really hot! “Runaway” was the 1st cut off the album & it’s a very lovable fresh & upbeat tune with a GREAT video reminiscent of the 70’s.

Of the 10 cuts on “Early” my absolute faves are:

  • “Runaway”
  • “Break You Down”
  • “Keep It Real?” (skit)
  • “In Love Again”
  • “Let It Go”

I’m now revisiting some of her more recent work so that I can stay woke. Check out “Early” on iTunes. If you’re not yet ready to take the leap, shame on you, but you can enjoy this free download of “Runaway.”

Zo! – “Just Visiting Too” produced by Zo! is one of the best ensemble releases this year! This EP features some retooled hits from the 70s & 80s such as Qunicy Jones/Patti Austin’s “Somethin Special” performed by Yahzarah, The Isley Brothers’ “The Highways of My Life” performed by Darien Brockington & Bobby Cladwell’s “My Flame” performed by Phonte of “Little Brother” & “Foreign Exchange” fame.

There just is not one thing to complain about here and I’m almost ashamed to admit how many times I rotated each of the songs in getting my hands on them, especially “The Highways of My Life” & “Somethin’ Special”.

So in the interest in keeping it short, download this now and for free here!!!

Hmmm, why is some of the best music free???

N’dambi– Just mentioning the name is enough said! I love N’dambi so much, I’d sip her bath water! OK, that was TMI but you know what I mean.

When the 1st single, “Can’t Hardly Wait” from her album “Pink Elephant” dropped, all hell broke loose with how insanely awesome it was.

So when “Pink Elephant” officially dropped, I went into a music educed trace because this shit had me hypnotized! “Can’t Hardly Wait” already had me twisted but I was just not ready for what N’dambi had in store for her fans & stans!

The 12 cut release is filled of win! From troubled relationships, personal happiness, independent growth & love, the album takes you on a wonderful journal leaving you totally satisfied. I have all 4 of N’dambi’s albums & I can easily say that “Pink Elephant” is my favorite. It sensual, sophisticated, & energetic; making it a very indulgent piece of art!

Of the 12 cuts on “Pink Elephant” my absolute faves are:

  • “Ooo Baby”
  • “Can’t Hardly Wait”
  • “The World is a Beat”
  • “Nobody Jones”
  • “Take It Out”

I’m totally anticipating seeing N’dambi live in Detroit. I just have to see how see magnifies these songs on stage. She’s amazing live!

Download from eMusic or iTunes

OK, this is long enough & I have 3 more recommendations, but I will save them for an upcoming post.