I finally had my turn to see one of the most anticipated Black films this year today: “Good Hair.”

Although I was very excited to see this film, I walked in with an open mind & no real expectations. With that said, I really enjoyed the film as a good piece of edutainment. Actually at one point, it seemed to turn into a mocumentary.

Upon leaving the theater, I posted this on Facebook:

“”Good Hair” was entertaining. Was it deep? No! Will it spark good debates? Not really! Will Black men & women ever abandon their lust for white beauty euphoria? Hell no! But…. I think Rock did a good job though providing good edutainment.”

A couple things that freaked me out in the film were learning about how Indian hair is actually obtained (very disturbing), Derek J’s 4” boots, hearing stories of 2 & 3 year old children getting their hair permed. MindspillDriving home, I figured out that I know entirely too much about Black women’s hair. I actually wish I could un-learn/undo/un-see some of my knowledge & experiences. Call it a cornrow, fried dyed & laid to the side hot mess overload of mass proportions.

If you’ve been reading me for a while or seen my posts on other blogs, you know that I’m always willing to start or jump into a fight/heated discussion on natural vs. chemically/heat processed hair. Well as of lately, I’ve thrown up my hands in this never-ending battle.

I’m married & my woman has “good” Mulatto hair (yes, I did say it! Who gone check me boo?) so I don’t have to worry about weaves, perms, hot combs, running my fingers through her hair without running across a track, snagging a hang nail or getting a ring caught. My daughters rock natural looks & gave up fighting with me on straight looks. It’s a win all the way around for me (for now anyway).

I cannot care or put energy into what other people do with their mops. I’m not fucking them or paying for anything so what difference does my opinion make.

If you want locks; great! If you want to rock a kinky look; great! If you want a perm all down your back; great! If you want to pay hundreds of dollars for hair that an Indian woman shaved off to sacrifice in the name of her religion or had stolen as she slept; great! If you’re dumb enough to think that pressed hair makes you natural: great! Gotta put your hair in the lay-a-way; great! You do you boo!

Wait, let me get back to the movie! Overall, this movie is totally worth seeing even if on a bootleg from the DVD man that visits your salon or barbershop.

So tell me, have you seen it? What are your thoughts? Talk to me!

Photo Above:
Me @ The Detroit Institute of Arts
Taken summer 1992
Hair Styled by Curtis Griffin
Photog: Unknown 🙁