Last Friday I worked/attended my 1st masquerade party, the Masquerade Mystique, which was held at the Detroit Music Hall.

I was very excited about this event a) because my friend and client Melinda Anderson of MeMe Designs was the party designer (she always sets it out). b) I always liked Venetian masks but had no reason to buy one until now.

Once I was confirmed to work this party, I began my search for the perfect mask.

My initial thought was to get a “plague mask” but all the ones I liked were upwards of 200 bucks. So since I had my mind on this one particular style, I had to search hard for a reasonable alternative, which was not all that easy.

Searching for a true Venetian mask had me a little stressed after 3 days of tuning up nothing. It was starting to look like I was going to have to order a mask from a European seller to get what I wanted. When I was about to throw the towel in, I got a lead from my girl Brunsli via Twitter & stumbled upon, a US seller.

My mask seeking drama was over & they had everything I needed to select from. Actually, I had my Twitter followers vote on a mask for me & the mask pictured above was the winner.

I wore the Zanni Ibiz mask with my Nigerian agbada. The pairing made for a very colorful get-up as my good friend Zana would say.

It was very fun seeing & hearing people react to my look, but I didn’t like the drink women pulling on my nose & saying “oh you have a big one.”

While this was my first masquerade, I was familiar with attire standards; I just chose to Africanize my look. Other obvious 1st timers had no clue how to dress. I was actually shocked to see so many pirates, Wolverine & other character themed looks. Maybe next year, I will issue a what not to wear warning. I’m just saying.

Looking past the costume follies gone wrong, Masquerade Mystique was just excellent! Great food & drink, burlesque dancers, half naked women doing bad bad things (“Eyes Wide Shut” style), midgets little people & a whole lot more. I’m already thinking of my mask for next year & hoping Melinda will hire me again!