Headed out to DC to hang out with my best friend Brion (BFB) & partake in some of Howard University’s homecoming activities. I think I’m too old for this but I was guaranteed a good time anyway.

When we were younger, BFB would always talk about how hype Howard’s homecoming was & it sounded exciting. When he was done with school, he would still go back & party & I never understood why. I guess this weekend, I’ll find out for myself.

On this trip, I’m also looking forward to meeting up with some of my Flickr/Twitter/blogging friends. As you know, I love meeting my online friends. Everyone that I’ve meet thus far has been totally cool. I guess I only associate with the non-creepy online people.

The very extended weekend trip will be wrapping with an engagement photo shoot with one of my new wedding couples. I’m really looking forward to that!