I’ve been a member of the photo & video sharing site Flickr for the past 2+ years. Actually, my 2 year anniversary was July 27th but I’m not really counting.

When I initially signed up, I did so reluctantly because my photography tutor & BFF Cousin Dee signed up. I’m sure of you ask her about me signing up, she’ll tell you a story that’s a little different than mine & embarrassing on my end. Anyway, shortly after joining the site, I noticed the benefits to being a member, such as the creative groups, knowledge sharing, camera gossip/rumors & artistic inspiration.

When I look at the photos that I originally posted, I can see obvious & strong growth both technically & artistically. Much of my growth can be attributed to participating in many of the Flickr groups where I drew inspiration & tons of trial & error.

When I was still trying to grasp concepts, I found myself reaching out to other photographers for advice & help on how to become better. I was always met with friendliness & got the answers that I sought.

So today, things are quite different for me on Flickr; the mentee & admirer has become the mentor & admired (I’m still learning everyday while being an admirer, so don’t get me wrong). And I have formed so many friendships with great photogs from here, there & everywhere.

<Radom Paragraph> Most recently, many of my creative images have been attracting attention and sales through the Getty Images Flickr Collection & I’m so very excited about this. I think I would freak out if I see one of my images used in a campaign. </Radom Paragraph>

I’m also receiving messages from those who follow my work, asking for camera & lens suggestions, asking how I set up shots, my creative process & notes of praise. I make it a point to respond to everyone a) because I love to talk (about myself) b) I love exchanging knowledge & c) I like making a difference.

Here are few notes that I received from other Flickr photographers regarding my work.

“I found your photos while browsing through the Nikon 105mm 2.8 macro lens group and I’ve been in awe ever since 😉 I was hoping to get discouraged from wanting that lens but something quite opposite happened……..

Your photos clearly stood out in that group pool so I started looking at your photostream too. Your work is beautiful, I have no words. Very inspirational for a newbie like myself.

Thank you for the experience.”


“I am in total awe of your work ! What a gifted photographer you are!

Amazing creativity & wonder! You have lifted Flickr high above other photo my opinion.

Thank you for sharing of your talent”


“Your photography is awesome! I’m sure you hear that a lot, but I had to say it. Every time I look at your photostream I am inspired.

Best to you & yours,”

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