The other day I stumbled upon Amelia’s goggles & was like, I have to get a fun little photo of her in these with her afro.

So today, when she got home, I asked her if I could take her photo. To my surprise, she said, “no, I don’t feel like taking a picture Baba.” I begged & even tried to bribe her with candy, chips & cheese. Each bribery attempt fell short!

After one hour of basically one-sided negotiations, she caved in. The caveat was that I had to wait until dinner.

To make a long story longer but not really, after dinner, she came down to my makeshift studio & said OK, I’m ready now.

By the time we were done, she was like; I’m out of here & just left.

I guess, I photograph my kids too much but I know one day, they’ll appreciate it. That, or, I’ll just have some good shit to blackmail them with when they are older & successful. Emphasis on successful!