The Dapper D – Meet Tafari Stevenson-Howard
Indigo Zuri for Detroit Men’s Style Examiner MindspillA photographer is a photographer, even in front of his lens; especially in the case of this week’s Dapper D. When first spotted, our subject stood outside the Beverly Hills Grill restaurant awaiting a table. His head to toe look likened that of an intriguing photograph, with places for one’s eyes to wander and investigate, and spaces for them to rest and relax. He wore Afrocentric apparel skillfully mixed with classic tailoring, while placing a huge emphasis on a brilliant show of color reminiscent of the emerging fall foliage. The late September breeze caused his locs to dance elegantly away from his face, and I, your Detroit Men’s Examiner, was intrigued.

Meet Tafari Stevenson-Howard – Devoted husband, loving dad of three, gifted photographer and a definite man of style.

Describe your style. I define my style as eclectic Afro urban chic. I love pulling in hand made West African clothing and accessories or Afro inspired pieces and combining them with basic western pieces. MindspillWho are your favorite designers? Haan, Cole, Kors, Old Navy. (Don’t laugh because they have the best jeans!) Then I have a whole host of everyday designers/artists that I love like Heather Fagan of Bettula, knit artist Yokoo, and Senegalese designer Aziz.

Who/what is/are your style influencers? My style is inspired by comfort! I’m a thick brother so I need to be comfortable! So that means that you will not see me buy into the tight shirt and skinny jeans/pants look.

What style rules do you break? I think I break color rules for men. By that I mean, I love LOUD colors, pinks, yellows, greens. Many of my friends say that I make courageous color choices especially when it comes to shirts & shoes. Perhaps that’s the Detroit in me. I love pushing the envelope but you will never catch me in a pair of pink gators.

What style rule(s) will you not break? Wearing white (pants, jackets, shoes) between Labor day & Memorial day. I don’t care what designers say. Fashion has not changed! Not only that, white looks totally silly when you’re trying to look hot during one of our Michigan winters.

What are you wearing today? Today I’m wearing a tie-dyed and embroidered dashiki from Ghana, gabardine slacks, of course argyle socks (my favorite type of sock) and a birch bark wrist cuff.

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