This wonderful little box was given to me by my friend Elizabeth Kincaid-White; designer/artist and owner of Tribute Box Collection.

I met Elizabeth a little over 2 years ago when I was photographing her custom designed cigar box handbags. She has such a wonderful spirit & glowing personality that we hit it off immediately.

After seeing the handbags, I had to have something for myself, in non-handbag form of course.

Because of life & busy schedules, Elizabeth & I were operating on different plains in the same circle & were not able to link up like we hoped. Ironically, we ran into one another twice on the same day at two different events & she was like “don’t go anywhere, I have your box.”

She told me that she kept it in her car just in case she ran into me out and about. That goes to show you that we are both busy on the grind, trying to make things happen.

Each of Elizabeth’s tribute boxes are lined & may have one or more surprises on the inside, such as a mirror, or a cool photo of a Negro from a time unknown. Her handbags are usually adorned with bead-patterned handles and they often feature a beautiful appliqué of some sort.

I’m very fortunate to be connected to some of the best artists in the Detroit area.

Thx Elizabeth boo, I love my box!!!