Yesterday, I covered the Fashion In Detroit event for the Detroit Fashion Pages. I had no real expectations on the greatness of the show but I was excited nonetheless.

Local fashion events don’t seem all that great to me in general but that has now changed because FID reinvented the game in Detroit. All others (I will not name names) take note.

The production of the event was super & I’m already looking forward to seeing the fall & winter collections, which will be presented March 2010.

Kudos to Joe Faris & his team for kicking ass!

After the runway shows were over, I headed to the “Afterglow” event, which had several Detroit personalities, big wigs, tastemakers, wannabees & even a couple celebrealities. All made for an interesting night.

Well, although I wish I attended the party to mix & mingle, I did not. I was there to work that bitch with my girl/PR rep Asia Willis for DFP. Our assignment for the night was to document the best & worst dressed.

Photographing the best dressed is always easy but capturing those who are fashion challenged is difficult because I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings (to their face). Once the piece runs, I’ll post a link.

BTW, if you follow me on Twitter, you can cath me in the middle of most of my adventures good & bad as they happen. I’m just saying. So many things tripped me out last night that were detailed on Twitter!

Above: This is one of my shots taken during the Femilia Couture runway show. I’m very proud of my friends Fotoula Lambros and Emily Thornhill. I met the design duo & photographed some of their 1st pieces when they hit the scene about 3 years ago. Seeing their continued progress is really exciting!