Last week, I met with vintage & crafting diva Bethany Nixon of Reware Vintage downtown Detroit for a business/pleasure dinner.

During any meeting, I find it hard to not be the jovial me, so you know I found many times to joke & laugh like I always do.

So just before Bethany & I worked out our business piece & parted ways, artist Illy Mak walked up to us & said he had to meet the man with the big laugh that he enjoyed. His appearance shocked me as it was kinda out of nowhere & his comments threw me off a bit but he was cool.

As he was talking to us, he showed me the drawing above & said this is for you.The conversation went a little like this:

  • I was like wow, thanks!
  • He was like, can you give me a little change for my art.
  • I was like, I don’t carry cash, but maybe I have like a dollar and some change.
  • He was like I’ll take that.
  • I was like is you crazy nigga (in mind), then I was like sure, here you go.
  • He was like thanks didn’t no one else in this bitch want to pay me for their portrait.

When Illy Mak walked away, I felt kinda bad & wanted to offer more but… I can respect a brotha trying to get his hustle on in non-fucked up ways.

Anyway, I guess I have a nice new portrait & the gig that Bethany gave me as a result of our meeting.