While strolling through New York’s China Town, I spotted these vivid dragon fruits being sold by market vendors all over the place.

I’ve always wanted to try them but can never find them in my area. So after searching for the best deal, I picked up 3 & spent 12 bucks (sold based on weight).

So now that I had these beauties in my grasp, I just had to get them home in one piece with no bruises.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

Once I got home, I decided to challenge Olivia & Sade to a 5 buck challenge if they could name the fruit.

As soon as they got home from school, I presented the challenge, and then showed them the fruit to identify.

Out of almost nowhere, Olivia blurted out “that’s a dragon fruit.” I was like what, you know?!?!?! She was like, yes, I saw it on a show on the Disney Channel 2 years ago & thought it was interesting.

She put a big smile on my face because I just thought it was so random.

Well today, after photographing the fruit, we all gave it a try. Sadly, no one really cared for it, but I said that we had to eat the one we opened to not be wasteful.

The fruit has the consistency of a pear or cantaloupe. It doesn’t really have a smell & the taste is like no other fruit I’ve had. It was not all that sweet as I had hoped & heard about.

I have 2 more left & I’m giving 1 to a friend. I think I will let the last one ripen a bit more to see if that will make a difference.

Have you tried dragon fruit? If so what did you think? And what’s the most exotic/strangest fruit that you’ve tried?

Oh, here’s a link to a few more shots of the fruit.