Last night during the Chris Brown/Larry King interview, which was a total farce, Negroes started to take over Twitter. Every moment, sound bite, eye roll, denial & blatant lie was dissected by viewers willing to share thier thoughts 140 characters at a time.

Chris Brown being on Larry King was a hot damn mess. It had to be one of the worst interviews that Larry had to suffer through. Chris Brown was basically an ass & didn’t answer any questions. Then there’s the fact that he sounded like he had a Twix bar in his mouth when he talked.

Anyway, back to the take over. When I say take over, I mean a straight up take over all over Chris Browns ridiculous bow tie.

The number 1 trending topic on Twitter for at least 12 hours was “#chrisbrownsbowtie”.

The trend was a huge round of the dozens on the bow tie. People were letting loose making up scenarios & fun facts about the bow tie.

Here are my 10 funniest #chrisbrownsbowtie tweets:

  • #chrisbrownsbowtie is saying “who gone check me boo”
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie has matching gators only found in Detroit
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie cures that nasty woman’s disease
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie attempted to jump into MJs casket
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie got 99 problem but a bitch aint 1
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie pee’d on R Kelly
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie fucked up the back of Ving Rhames’ neck
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie took a hoe bath today
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie made my ass late for work
  • #chrisbrownsbowtie looks with a dashiki (you must click this link)

If you think this post & the “#chrisbrownsbowtie” is a joke, well it is but here is a great link to prove that it’s some real life bullshit. Also check out my girl Thembi’s breakdown of the Negro/Beater/Twitter drama.

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