Earlier today while on Twitter, I tweeted “It’s amazing how you stumble across random people online & become friends, sometimes better than real life long time friends.”

I got several co-sign responses from my followers.

Flash forward hours later, I found out that one of my online friends & fellow blogger; Nikki Harris lost her fight with a short-term illness (Dermatomyositis).

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked. I was so fucking shocked & saddened because it all happened so fast. Well fast in “online time”, which is similar to “movie time” or “dog years.”

Nikki’s last FB (FaceBook, please tell me you know what FB is!?!?!) seemed to be like prophetic.

“Nikki Harris is watching the sun rise with a child’s ability to hope, a teen’s stubborness to fight, and an adult’s recognition of faith, wearing the smile of a fighter.”

My last interaction with Nikki dealt with “K-Y Tingling Jelly” fucking hilarious. If you follow me on FB, you can see the KY photo & just die over what she says.

I think I hooked up with Nikki via my boo Lola so Lola, thanks for helping me make the connection.