Pictured above is soulful house singer Diviniti. She’s no joke! Great personality, voice & she knows how to get her photo taken!
So last Sunday, I did my last shoot for the month with the Women on Wax Crew in a studio that should probably be mine. Anyway, the shoot was for an upcoming project with the group which includes DJ Minx, Piranahead, & Diviniti.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I invested in some studio lighting equipment & the timing of my purchase & this shoot was perfect. I ordered my equipment last Tuesday & luckily it was scheduled to arrive Friday. Luckily, I did not have to do 2 day air shipping because it was almost 100 extra bucks. Charge to my poor planning but I won.

Just in case you’re interested in what I purchased, here’s a breakdown of my Alien Bees gear:

  • 3 Alien Bee 800 Strobe lights
  • 1 47” Foldable octobox
  • 1 22″ Beauty dish w/ diffusion sock
  • 2 13’ light stands
  • 1 Boom arm
  • 4 Honeycomb light modifiers

If you’re saying that’s a lot of stuff; you’re absolutely right. If you’re saying that’s not shit; don’t make me cuss your ass out. I worked hard to pay for this shit! I actually need a few other items but they were not essential now + I’m broke as fuck.

Anyway, the theme for this shoot was pretty simple but I think I added a lot of drama by playing with my lighting. Check out my set up here:

The job lasted 2 hours on the nose & that was totally cool! Just know that for those 2 short hours, I worked my ass off. I was sweating like I was picking cotton in central Mississippi

Up next:

– Cousin Dee’s wedding, which is next Saturday. This wedding is going to be a monster. The guest list is at 320 & it may grow. I guess she’s rich.

– Then I have 2 events in October. Those funds will be used for my trip to DC. Can’t wait to be back in my other home away from home.

– I’m waiting to see if I have the winning bid on a wedding scheduled for 2010. This would be my 1st booking!!! My fingers are so fucking crossed!

– Wait, got a call to do a fashion shoot Saturday. Uh oh!!!

I need some more gigs, so hire me bitches!!!

Oh, BTW, check out a few shots from the shoot here.