Last weekend, I embarked on my 1st destination wedding in Cancun, MX at Dreams Resort.

My expectations were somewhat mixed because I did not know how things were going to finally work out, so I over packed everything.

Fortunately, Suite Suzy & I got to chill on the beach for 3 days before the jump off. And when I say jump off, I mean jump off.

The wedding was really something to beautiful to behold & watching it all come together was quite amazing.

I’ll tell you, anyone who thinks the work of a wedding photographer is a breeze is a fucking liar! I worked non-stop from 3pm-11pm in the heat, rain & sand.

After all was aid & done, I laid in the bed listening to the ocean crash against the rocks outside my window & thought about what I learned.

The next time around, which is in 2 weeks, I’ll be ready, with more comfortable shoes & pants. A photographer should not try to be sexy while working. It just doesn’t help the process.

Speaking of weddings, I’ve set a goal to try for 5 weddings for 2010. When I posted my goal on Facebook, many of my supporters & friends rallied & told me that my goal was too low. The encouraging words really helped to boost my confidence! With that said, I have my 1st consultation for 2010 next Tuesday. Wish me luck!!!!

Before I bounce, check out a quick snippet from Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Butler’s wedding here.

Oh BTW; check out the newest page on my website devoted to wedding photography & tell a friend! I have a passport so the world has no limit on distance I will travel. Shit, Tafari needs some new stuff boo!