I originally posted this photo snapped in NYC’s Times Square back in July 09 on Flickr. A few weeks later I got an email from the guy pushing the Obama condoms; Mitch Lewis (see comment below). I was quite shocked honesty but I guess I should not have been. I don’t tag my photos for nothing.

So in exchange for the photos, I asked Mitch for the back-story on the condoms.

From Mitch:

“A friend came up with the idea about 18 months ago. I met him when I came to NY in october and picked up the job just before the election…amazing money has kept me in the game since then…though we continue to deal with a lot of hassle with NYPD…even though we have tax id’s…there is really no particular political message, just what people read into it…I’m doing it to support myself and pay off college debt…”

See, a good reason, to tag your photos, or not; you never know whose looking!

BTW, Michelle Obama diaphragms coming fall 2009.