Watching this abuse really infuriates me to no end! As you can imagine or should know, I’m not into violence against woman, but I want to slap the shit out of this baby momma.

  • 1st Did the dumb hoe recording this think it was that funny?
  • 2nd Looks like the momma is more interested in proving a point rather than combing the poor girls hair.
  • 3rd If the child is that crazy a quick pop to the back of the head with a brush usually does the trick. There is no need to get fucking crazy like an out of control animal.
  • 4th Now that this video has been viewed at least 40k times, can child protective services go check the welfare of the children in this home?
  • 5th This is case book study of child abuse.
  • 6th Some women really need to be chemically sterilized, fuck the genocide argument.
  • 7th Shouldn’t Youtube step up & report the mother/video poster & take down the video?
  • 8th I still cannot believe that the momma said “come on sit the fuck down and let me comb this hair” all while the video recorder laughs like a dumb ass.
  • 9th Did the little girl really say I hate you? What the hell else is going on in this home?
  • 10th I would ask where the father is but I think the answer is already clear.

I’m just saying!