I’m not ashamed to admit that the entertainment highlight of my week last week was the season 2 1st episode of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Hey we all have our vices, so don’t judge me.

The show was pretty much drama free & somewhat boring until those last 10 minutes of the show when broke ass stringy haired Sheree jumped off with Atlanta “TOP LEVEL EXECUTIVE” party planner Anthony.

I mean, this scene fucking came out of nowhere & set the Negro world of Twitter on fire (I’m always in Twitter). I wont go into the details of the fight because I’m sure that you’ve seen it already. I will however tell you my favorite quips from the battle of the DIVAs:

– I’m a top level executive & I expect you to respect my time
– Google my name & do my resume?
– Who you gone check boo?
– You OK???
– I eat bitches like you every day!
– Eat me baby!
– Yo momma is a broke bitch!

This damn fight happened so fast & I was so shocked that I had to watch that shit 3 times before I went to bed & each time was funnier than the 1st.

With that said, I have been using quotes from the fight ever since, especially “who gone check me boo.” The way Sheree said that shit & the look on both of their faces was fucking classic!

I’ve also been running “Google my name & do my resume” into the ground. So much so that I received threats if I don’t stop saying these lines. I won’t name names but she reads a lot & lives in ATL.

So now that I’m totally hooked on this season, I’m dying to see what happens tonight!

Before I part this bitch, you must check this out! Its taking the “who you gone check boo?” line to a whole new level!

My name is Tafari & I love some hot mess!