You may recall that I photographed a surprise wedding earlier this summer (if you can call this summer) for Max & Linda Wolff. While at the event, I passed out a few cards & mingled a bit while working as I usually do. Well last Friday that mingling paid off.

I got a call from Amy, one of the guests at the wedding who was interested in hiring me to do some promo shots for her & a colleague.

After discussing the theme of the shoot & location(s) we were set to meet later that evening.

So we all met up Friday evening & the shit jumped off hard! Amy & her colleague Kyle brought their A game on set & we made it happen.

Both Amy & Kyle are car designers for a major US manufacturer & they are participating in a documentary related to cars, which is why they needed HOT promo shots. Mindspill

One thing that I’m excited about in general is the fact that people are seeing my work & reaching out to me with job offers. Many of my clients have a common thread; so I’m seeing the mighty power of word of mouth advertisement. Six degrees of separation is really working for me. I think!

Anyway, the last month has been crazy in terms of the jobs that I’ve been attracting. I feel very lucky & looking forward to seeing how August is going to shape up. I have some major shit lined up.

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