Meet Reggie Butler & Adrienne Holmes, soon to be knows as Mr. & Mrs. Butler.

Today we met up for an engagement photo session downtown Detroit. This was a very interesting session because the locations were very random & not necessarily in the best nor safest locations.

I would love to tell you about the homeless man, the crack head, & the piles of goose mess we encountered while shooting, but I’ll spare you those undesirable details. Nonetheless, we had great time working together as we made our way around town.

Reggie & Adrienne will be officially hitched 3 weeks from now in Cancun, Mexico. And yes, I’ll be there too, capturing this wonderful union of two great people.

Oh did I mention how excited I am to be doing my 1st destination wedding?!?! Hopefully, there will be more to come! I’ve been very lucky to link with great clients.

To see more shots, click here. Hope you enjoy them.