By now, we all know that Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested for “being at home while Black” & racial profiling is back up front & on display like never. What does this mean? Where do we go from here? Really, I want to know because I’m lost.

Maybe you can find an answer on my friend Dr. Lester K Spence’s latest blog posts “What do you call a Black Man with a PhD?” parts I & II.

Flipping the script a bit & on a softer racial profiling note; two weeks ago, I was shopping on 5th Ave in NYC when I decided to stop in the Lacoste store for a shirt.

After browsing uninterrupted for a short bit, I spotted a shirt that I wanted, then looked for my size but could not find it. Moments later a clerk came & asked if she could help me. I said sure, I need a XXL, so she called to get one. Then I asked about another shirt & she called on that too.

As the shirts came, she said in an almost whispered voice, “these are not on sale.”

I paused! (BOOM)

I looked at the shirts! (BOOM BOOM)

I then looked at her & said AND!? (BOOM BITCH BOOM)

She backed off! (POOF BITCH)

I dropped the shirts then walked out pissed! (POOF, I KIRKED OUT)

I know this happens all the time but when it happened to me, I was pissed off. I guess I still am.

Maybe it was my hair that made her think I was broke, maybe it was my dashiki or perhaps it was my cheap Old Navy jeans. I’m just saying.

The bottom relatable line is that racial profiling comes in many forms regardless of education, socioeconomic status or state of dress because the wanna be red neck robo cop, cab drivers, the nervous presumptuous white woman on the elevator, or ignorant store clerks working hard for commission sales all don’t give a fuck.

It’s just a damn shame that being Black in America comes with so much headache & drama.

Have you been profiled, arrested, both, worse? Talk to me!