After weeks of saying that I was not falling for the new iPhone 3Gs, today, I took myself to the local AT&T store & parted with my cash. The final decision was made today when I woke up & said fuck it, I’m worthy & I deserve this. I work hard & I’nm sexy, well at least I like to think that.

My main gripe about upgrading was the $15 increased price of the AT&T data plan. While I saw the $15 as a deal breaker, I still went against myself but that’s ok.

I’ll find another way to reconcile later. For now, I’m loving my shiny new toy.

I was gonna sell my old iPhone on eBay but I’m not in the mood for the hastle & the return would not be all that great so I decided to give it to my boo Olivia. She always fiends for it.

I will not activate it as a phone but she will be able to use it as a souped up iPod Touch.