During Raheem DeVaughn’s performance at the Capital Jazz Festival a few weeks ago, I joked to my friends that he is always hustling & putting out mix tapes. Not five minutes after I made that statement, he told the audience to go online & download his new mix tape, which was scheduled for release June 15th. I was like hell no as we all laughed at my almost “Psychic Friends” connection. I really know how to call things out.

So, June 15th has come & gone & you best believe that I copped the new 19 track “Radio Raheem DeVaughn” mix tape, titled “The Art of Noise.” Oh, did I mention that it’s free? It’s a recession boo!!!

Is free better? Well in terms of to Raheem DeVaughn’s new mix tape “The Art of Noise” compared to his last studio release “Love Behind The Melody,” I say yes! I mean, I’m a fan but, “Love Behind The Melody” was a total disappointment for me & the only track from it that I like, no, actually love is “Energy.”

So anyway, getting back to the new joint; I have to say that I’m loving it, yes really actually loving it.

Of the 19 tracks, I’ve been playing 9 of them non-stop & of those 9, 5 tracks are totally kick ass. As far as I’m concerned, DeVaughn should have released an EP with my favorites. It would make for one helluva seller.

My top tracks include in no particular order:

  • Insomnia” – Straight up a put on & lets fuck tune. Fellas this is a get some pussy shit. Get you CD-R ready & set up a date with your boo!
  • Planet Body Rock” – This is one of my summer sound track hits. It’s hot! Gives me this 90s feel & I love that.
  • Weather Man” – A chilled track with a little of the dreaded auto tune but its applied appropriately here. A hip-hop beat with a sexy theme. Nothing like talking about getting your boo moist.
  • Hennesy Joint” – A very chilled basically instrumental jump off, almost like a very nice long interlude with a smooth melodic hook.
  • Night & Day” – An Al B. Sure remake. This shit is chopped & screwed for 09. A total bonus in my book on an old school tip (are the 80s really old school?).

Never underestimate the power of a good mix tape!

So with all this said, you need to cop this shit before it’s too late leaving you stuck on stupid. I’m just saying.

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