I’ve been slipping on my music recommendations, so it’s now time to right that wrong!!!

Lately, I’ve been listening to a variety of tunes, ranging from house music to ghetto/misogynistic rap with a little R&B thrown in for good measure.

So cutting to the chase, this is what’s up musically.

Hot House:
Osunlade – “Offering” & “Paradigm” albums, which I actually ordered from because they are not available on iTunes or elsewhere online. Both of these CD’s are a MUST HAVE. You hear me? A MUST HAVE for any real house head!

Cuts like “Midnight Ceremony (Osunlade’s Black Messiah Mix)”, “Black Man”, & “Cantos A Ochun Et Oya” are pure ass movers & head boppers!

BTW, I also downloaded Osunlade’s most recent compilation release “Mix the Vibe: King Street Goes Yoruba” & it is pure hotness! Available on iTunes or eMusic

Get in where you fit in & pick these joints up!

Random Rap:
OMG! Don’t hate me, but I just got a few rap tracks from back in the day. Thanks to listening to “Back Spin” on XM Satellite Radio, I have been grooving to “1st of Tha Month” & “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. And please don’t trip on me jamming to “Just Don’t Bite It” by N.W.A. I feel so dirty listening to this mess but I’m loving it.

When I told Suite Suzy of my latest rap acquisitions, she was like, is you crazy???

Cool Jazz:
I was doing some random web surfing the other day looking for an album that I never found & now can’t remember but I stumbled upon this 30 year old hot as hell 2 cut album titled “Black Renaissance” by Harry Whitaker. The songs “Black Renaissance” & “Magic Ritual” last a total of 40 minutes & they leave you wanting more of the alternating afro poly-rhythmic vocals, horns, bass & clever keys. It’s hard to believe the music is almost as old as me but sounds like contemporary compositions. If you are brave enough to click the link, you will find a really interesting back story to this album & how it was almost lost forever.

I love it when I accidentally find great music.

R&B: The good kind, you know the kind they don’t play on the radio.
A friend of mine emailed me recently. No wait, she actually Facebooked me & was like you gotta check out my girl ChinahBlac! So, like the music junky that I am, I hit ChinahBlac’s Myspace page & was immediately blew out by her style & vocal talent. I mean BLEW OUT!

So I copped her album & it is on heavy rotation. I just can’t get enough of her songs “Woe”, “Touch Me With Your Handz,” & “Get Away.”

Most Recently, I found out that I actually heard ChinahBlac perform last year when she was in Detroit singing back-up for Jill Scott. My girl Vivrant Thang from the “Songs In The Key of Life” blog helped to jog my memory with a video she posted on YouTube. Check it out so you can see what I’m talkin’ bout’.

On a final R&B note, I am so digging on Brittany Bosco’s album “City of Nowhere!” Thanks to the “Truth Seekers Radio” podcast, I’m up on my new boo in my head! The album’s title cut “City of Nowhere” is sexy with an edgy grit, that makes me hit repeat many times. I just checked my play count & I’ve listened to it 46 times since I downloaded it a little over a month ago. Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat one more time Repeat…

The funny thing about all of my recent music discoveries is that they are not new, just new to me, with the exception of ChinahBlac whose album just dropped recently. This tells me, that the radio & other mainstream outlets are not the best or only place to find good music. I’m just saying.

I guess this will count as my official “Black Music Month” post. GO me!

Since I have your ear, do you have any new/obscure/old/whatever music recommendations? Talk to me!