“A young Bronx mom was arrested Tuesday night for slugging her baby boy in the head – a blow that killed him, police said.

Na-aisha Riley, 21, allegedly punched her 7-month-old infant, Cashmere Obama Randall, with such force that it caused the baby to hemorrhage in the brain, officials said. He died Monday afternoon after cops found him at her boyfriend’s Bronx home, unresponsive and unconscious.

“She just lost it,” said a police source.

The medical examiner ruled Tuesday that Cashmere died of whiplash and shaking and blunt trauma to the head, a spokeswoman said.

Riley confessed yesterday to punching her 18 1/2-pound, 27-inch long baby, police sources said. She was charged with second-degree murder and assault.

Riley’s mother, Toinette Knight-Riley, said she doesn’t believe her daughter could have killed the boy, known as Obama because he was born on the day President Obama was elected.

“My grandson was beautiful. He was sent from heaven.

My daughter is kind and compassionate,” she said. “She’d never, ever do such a thing.”

But Riley’s boyfriend, Unique Jones, 18, said “she tried to make like it was me. Police told me at first she was blaming me. Then she confessed. It was like she wanted to kill me, too.”

Jones, a student at Lewis and Clark High School, said he reprimanded Riley over the Memorial Day weekend when “I saw her pop him in the head to keep him from crying.”

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I read this story earlier today & got pissed the fuck off! The I made one of my list of total wrongdom to break the story down to the metaphysical.


1) The baby’s grandmother is in serious denial.

2) A good mother would never punch a baby.

3) Why is I mean why was she dating this young boy.

4) Why was her jump off’s people watching her baby, what about the grandmother or the aunt, or hell, the baby’s real daddy?

5) Is the baby daddy missing?

6) Why name your child after a great man then kill him?

7) Cashmere? I won’t comment further out of respect for of the recently departed but that is a fucked name.

8) Na-aisha probably should have just got an abortion if she was just gonna beat poor Cashmere Obama to fucking death

9) A bitch with a name like Na-aisha should never be trusted to do shit. No offense if you named your child something fucked up & totally made up.

10) I’m against violence but I hope that Na-aisha gets shanked by Bey Bey & nem’.

I hope that I do not appear to be to ignorant, radical or misogynistic in my breakdown. I’m just saying!