This is one of my DEAREST friends ever, Yvette Tamika Johnson. I met Yvette about 12 years ago during one of my 1st trips as a Flight Attendant for American International Airways (now defunct).

During the flying days, Yvette & I had fun globetrotting, setting shit off & making new friends wherever we went.

After American International Airways went belly up, Yvette continued her flight attendant career & I grounded myself to be home for my young family.

Throughout the years, I’ve lived vicariously through Yvette’s experiences, good and bad, country to country. She always begs me to come back to fly but it’s only a pipe dream for me.

The funny thing is that Yvette only lives 2.5 hours away from me, we talk all the time but have not seen each other in almost 10 years. To my surprise, she called me the other day to tell me that she was coming to Detroit for an overnight layover before making her way back to Germany. Needless to say, I dropped all plans & inked her in.

Well today was the big day, we finally saw each other face to face & it was wonderful. It was great seeing her smile in person once more.

Over dinner we flashed back on the times spent abroad discovering, fucked up people that we encountered, all the good eating that we did & that time we danced in the middle of a jewelry store in Nice, France when we heard someone going past blasting Snoop Dogg. Man, we did some crazy shit.

I miss those days & happy that I have wonderful photos, friends I can call, & the experiences of a lifetime that put me where I am today.