The start of my week got a jump start this afternoon once I had time to check my email. To my surprise, there was a message waiting from “Reader’s Digest”

“Good afternoon,

Reader’s Digest Canada would like to reproduce the following photo in its article 4 ways to look at a broom, to be published in July. The image will cover two Reader’s Digest pages (5 x 7)

Please tell me the fees for this usage.

Thank you very much,

Reader’s Digest “

So after I calmed down & realized the image, they wanted I got excited again, then calmed down to get my mind right. I determined a price, then 2nd guessed myself, then came up with another price, then 2nd guessed myself again, then I settled on a price & said fuck it; either they will accept or they won’t.

So I sent my quote.

Minutes later, I got a response with the address to send my invoice & digital image. The deal was done!

I know some people look down on Flickr but if it were not for this wonderful spot, my image may have never been found. As a freelancer & stock photography wannabe, I’ve been getting pretty luck these last few days.

With all this said, I’m happy that I tag, label & name all of my photos. It comes in handy!!!!!!!!!

Oh by the way, here is a link to the image that generated my good fortune. It’s a photo of James Anderson & Thornetta Davis (Blues Diva Extraordinaire) jumping the broom at their public wedding last year downtown Detroit during the African World Festival. If you are interested in seeing more images from their weeding click here.