Suite Suzy has been my baby’s momma for 11 years now & when I think about that time, I’m taken aback. The time has really flown by & our 1st daughter Olivia is growing faster than a weed. Damn, I cannot believe that she will be in the 6th grade this year. Whoa!!!

Within the last 11 years, Suite Suzy has had a near death experience giving birth to the 12 pound Olivia (vaginally), taken on the shared responsibility of raising my little sister Sade since the death of our father years ago & most recently brought our little demon seed joy Amelia into the world.

The journey with our children has been an interesting one & Suite Suzy has been a great captain keeping things together as only a mother can.

I think if I were one of my kids, I would feel very lucky to have a mother like Suite Suzy because she really is great. While I’m pretty restrictive, Suite Suzy reins me in with a voice of reason, even when she bites her hand in a fit of Suzy rage.

Anyway, although Suite Suzy is not my mom, if I don’t get her a gift for Mother’s Day, my ass is GRASS! Every year is a challenge because I try to get something that I know she will cherish & put her in the mood to break me off a piece.

This year, I decided on jewelry. Not just any jewelry, but something custom & quality.

With my mind made, it was easy to get my thoughts translated into reality by contacting my girl the ultra talented & creative metalsmithing DIVA Tamra Gentry.

Tamra always has some out of the box designs she pumping out in her home workshop. Whenever she posts images of her work on Flickr I’m always like damn, your really made that. The woman is bad.

Suite Suzy’s Mother’s Day gift is actually going to be her second piece from Tamra’s creative mind. A few months ago, I surprised my boo with a pair of sterling silver rams horn hoop earrings that she loves. I’m thinking that I should get my money right, so that I can get another piece for her as our 10 wedding anniversary is just a few short months away. Hmmmmm!!!!!

So this is what Suite Suzy will actually be receiving. It’s a handmade sterling silver chain with a sterling/copper mokume gane sphere. Mindspill

I think I will give it to her over dinner. Well maybe not, I don’t want her getting grease on it from the 8 piece Popeye’s meal that we’ll be enjoying (NOT).

BTW, Im totally proud of the kick ass gift wrapping that I did and Im also wondering when I should start lobbying for Father’s Day.