Yesterday was my Mommie’s birthday. Mommie is my mother’s mom and the person that I attribute my creative vision to. Mommie was a true artist and no one to fuck with! She encouraged me to be me no matter what I became. She also always told me that the most important things in life are an education & culture.

When I was a teen, she would always tell me how cultured I was in this funny English accent voice she used to do. It was always quite funny.

Mommie was an unconventional grandmother but her love was always there, even between beatings & getting cussed out for causing a mess in her home.

Mommie died 11 years ago & I still miss her so. When I’m involved in situations, I often wonder what she would say or do. I miss her so much that words could not express it. The only why that I could possibly express my feelings would be through a heavy tear filled with the best memories that a grandson could offer.

Cousin Dee and I often talk about Mommie & recount funny stories. Even more funny, we say things they way she would & in her voice.

But I don’t think anyone misses Mommie more than my sister Baby. She went out and got tattoo with Mommies name on her hand & it’s big. She’s so damn hood.

Factoid: Mommies favorite word was nigga (hmmmmm) & she used it in it seems like every sentence no matter who she was talking to.