Last week turned out be a very good week for my photography hustle.

I completed the transaction with my last wedding client & the couple was very happy with the final product. The bride sent me this note:

“Hey Mr photographer/comedian let me tell you that you really exceed our expectations taking those pictures from our wedding. I am a copywriter and I think you have a great eye and are very creative (which I find awesome!)…”

Needless to say, her words got me geeked! Linda, I love you guys!!!!!!!

Between Wednesday & Friday of last week, I booked 2 corporate head shots. One was for a local health care security professional & another for someone running for a local city council office. Both calls for worked shocked me honestly because I’ve never done a legit headshot. One of the jobs is completed & I have another satisfied client. The other is booked for this week & I’ll be shooting in an associates studio.

I tell you, the word is spreading about your boy. Maybe I will be famous one day. LOL

Then I got a few emails from some photographers & blog readers that made me feel like my work is actually getting a positive & even emotional reaction from unexpected areas.

– “Tafari – I just wanted to say your work is AMAZING!!! You definitely are inspiring to a beginner photographer like myself…”

– “Hi Tafari, I am in total awe of your work ! What a gifted photographer you are!

amazing creativity & wonder! You have lifted flicker high above other photo sites in my opinion.

Thank you for sharing of your talent…”

– “Hello Tafari, I wanted to send you a note as I have been lurking and reading your blog for quite a few months now….

…I love the range of your photography, the colors, the subjects and how you capture the beauty of every day life.

Congratulations on being invited to the Ann Arbor Art fair. We won’t be back in time for that, but I look forward to seeing your work in person one day.”

Then I got an awesome testimonial from Flickr & Twitter friend.

“My man “Bygbaby” has an eye and talent that is matched only by his humor and willingness to share his gift. I am proud to know him and privileged to learn from him. Keep shining T!”

And to put the icing on the cake for last week, I found out that one of my photos sold on Getty Images. It was the one of Sade holding the pomegranate arils. An adverting agency in Final purchased it & paid a little over 350 for it.

After Getty took their 80% cut, I was like for real, is this all I get??? But it’s all good because it still increases the value of my work in general & if I can keep sales stead, it will be some pretty nice paydays on images that I took just for the hell of it. So, I’ll just be thankful!

As I stated in a recent post, the last 4 months have been incredible as I’ve made some good moves & made some things happen that I had not planned on.

I swear, I’m just a Negro with a camera & a dream of one day doing something great; nothing more!

On a similar but unrelated note; I’m so grateful to have my momma’s momma (who everyone called ”Mommie”) creative genes flowing through my body. Mommie’s influence on me is the best gift she could have given me. Cousin Dee & I talk about this all the time & she feels the same for herself.