Me: “@PopeyesChicken When are you going to stop running the TV & radio campaign with that runaway slave Annie the Chicken Queen?”

Response from @PopeyesChicken “Annie is like Aretha Franklin w/ a sense of humor, a cross between Eddy Murphy & Queen Latifah. Thanks for the feedback!”

Me: “I’m sorry but I don’t get that. The character & I mean that in every sense of the word is offensive & does not get me excited about buying.”
———————————————— MindspillI may be out of touch or missed the memo, but I don’t see Eddie Murphy, Queen Latifah or Aretha Franklin cooning on a national campaign.

What’s next from Popeye’s? Will they weasel their way into a line of Obama inspired chicken products?

In the age of Obama, we don;t need a modern day “Mammy.” Popeye’s Chicken; bitch please! Even without Annie the freed slave chicken peddler, I’m still through with Popeye’s.

I stay woke!