I’m so happy that the weather here is starting to break & we have rain instead of snow & freezing temperatures.

The grass is getting green, actually ultra green, the trees are starting to finally bud & tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and the like are everywhere. I feel & see life all around me & it’s inspiring.

With the winter school semester now behind me, I have had the mental energy to pull my camera out to take photos that make me happy. Not that other things did not bring me joy but botanicals get all my energy flowing.

With the spring semester starting next Tuesday, I hope that I can carve time out for assignments, working in the gardens & my own personal photography, as well as preparing for the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair.

And speaking of school, just 10 more classes before I join the ranks of the educated Negro bourgeoisie (Suite Suzy begs to differ & thinks I can join once I have a masters, to that I say fuck that for now! The light is at the end of the tunnel & it’s shining on me.

Lastly, today marks the beginning of me 2nd social/professional calendar, I hope that it can top last quarter because some kick as things came my way.

BTW: I pass this cornfield everyday on my way back & forth from home. As I drive past, its kinda fun looking at the rows seemingly move as if they are following you. The corn is not planted yet & this is just grass but I find it so captivating especially when contrasted with a perfect sky.