Last Saturday, I shot Max & Linda’s surprise wedding.

They invited 40 of their closest friends over for a very chic urban cocktail party with a surprise in mind. About half way through the celebration, Max & Linda thanked their friends for attending their cocktail party, they then made the announcement that the purpose of the party was a wedding; Max & Linda’s wedding.

Upon the announcement, the guests went wild with excitement & the rest is history.

Next week, I give the client their custom wedding album. I cannot wait to assemble it. Linda asked to be surprised so I hope I knock her socks off!

With this wedding done, I have 2 more scheduled for this summer. I hope that I can score at least 2 more. Baba needs a brand new bag!

Factoid: I was booked for Max & Linda’s wedding based on a referral from another great client of mine (Thx Ramez!!!!!!). I never know where my next assignment will come from, so I work my hardest to exceed expectations with great service & stellar images. It all pays off!

The life of a freelancer can be very interesting.