Yesterday for Earth Day, I decided to take a hoe bath instead of a shower. I may have saved 18 gallons of water but my balls were musty most of the day. It so was not worth it!

Tuesday night, one of my Twitter friends asked me what I was going to do to celebrate Earth Day. I told him that I was pouring the paint in my garage down the rain drain in front of my house & that I was going to burn some tires in my back yard.

He then asked me how was this helping the environment. I told him that it was helping the environment in my garage by clearing it out & will keep my wife from hounding me to get rid of the items. A win-win in my book.

Of course I was just kidding.

On a real note, my family does its part for the environment. We recycle weekly, conserve on lights & gas usage, I down sized my SVU for a small car & We shop at Whole Foods (which really means nothing); blah blah blah

If you are a Negro on the fence about what the environment means to you & how it affects you, check out this great discussion that I heard on NPR’s “Tell Me More” program.

To return back to my original sarcastic tone, did you know that today (April 23rd) is “Fuck The Earth Day?” You have to see this great promo video!

And lastly, does anyone really think that the earth gives a fuck about the 12% of her inhabitants giving her love on one special day or on hour during “Earth Hour.” Why can’t we all be conscious all the time?