Just think about it. Black folks are always broke & we know how to function through tough times because times are always tough for us.

Of course, I’m not speaking for everyone with this blanket statement but lets look at the financial picture of the average Negro in America. Ok, we is broke!

Anyway, with Easter coming up in a few weekends I have been thinking about Negro spending.

So lets keep it real, people are now starting to get their lay-a-ways out, buy shoes & pick up their 10 & 20 lbs worth of chitlins from the grocery store.

Oh & lets not forget about how the barber & beauty shops will be jumping off with people getting their Easter look right with fresh fades, perms, braids & locs.

From my non-educated economic estimate, the average Negro Easter shopper/church go-er is going to spend something like $378 this next week to have a popping Easter.

On a personal note, I plan on getting an Easter outfit Saturday so that I am sharp at Sunday brunch (no matter who bad Cousin Dee dogged me out for even thinking about getting one). The other night, Cousin Dee told me that I was too fucking old & big for an Easter outfit. Then she was like you don’t even believe in God, why you gotta look hot on resurrection day.

Isn’t it great how your friends are not afraid to hurt your feelings & crush your dreams.

What about you, will you be stimulating the economy with Easter fits, candy etc?
I was scrolling throw some of my old blog posts amusing myself the other day & stumbled across this.

Bygbaby Factoid:
(WARNING: This may offend you but that’s OK)
One thing I hate I mean don’t like about spring is Easter, Oh how I dread the thought of spending money on Easter dresses for the girls, Easter basket grass all over the fucking floor for months (you can never get rid of it all). I also dread the faux fashion, childrens play & the long drawn out sermon @ church.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

Two years later & this shit still cracks me up!