MindspillThere has been a lot of positive buzz over “A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy” throughout blogosphere over the last few months. Most notably, the buzz has been hot on the Invisible Woman’s blog (one of my most favoritestness spots to visit) who recently covered this independent flick that delves into Black relationship intricacies & sexuality in a refreshing perspective through 6 vignettes.

When it comes to independent reviews, The Invisible Woman has never disappointed me, but in this case, I was a little apprehensive. Maybe it is because I was like how can this film be any different from anything that I’ve seen in the past.

Nevertheless, after reading her interview with director Dennis Dortch, I was like, let me break this off & decided to rent the movie via iTunes (only $3.99).

So the movie starts & my interest was immediately piqued with the vision of a woman having an orgasm while in while the room was spinning & music being played backward. Very interested! Then the jump off occurred in this vignette aptly titled “Reciprocity.”

Home girl got hers & refused to break her boy off. Yeah, this may sound like blah, but the dialogue & circumstances between this hard pressed Negro eager to bust a nut & his boo, who was like back the fuck up was very intriguing. Oh did I mention that they were not in the room alone.

What a way to open the film!

The following vignette titled “Her Man” straight up reminded me of Kwame Kilpatrick & Christine Beatty. Maybe that is because of their complexions & the fact that the light skinneded (yes I did say skinneded) woman was the jump off who refused to let her man leave.

“Her Man” started off very sexy, VERY & ending like WTF on a relationship note.

This scene along with the rest in the movie seems all too real. I mean that actors appear to be real people, in real circumstances & it was very easy to identify with them in one way or the other.

The funny thing about “Her Man” is that I was singing “The Other Woman” by Nina Simone in my head (I love that song!).

The complexities of the jump off relationship & needs, are all spelled out here. And my mouth was held open till then end.

Vignette 3, “Tonight 1” seemed a little hood compared to the 1st two scenes but it gave an insight into a young woman’s reality & need to not compromise herself. Actually, I think this would be a good scene to show a group of young woman to illustrate that you need to protect yourself, mentally, physically & sexually.

Vignette 4, “Reprise” kinda fucked me up because it went back kinda to the scene in vignette one. You remember when I said that there someone else was in the room. It’s the roommate & her boo handling their business in a very anal way (you do the math).

Homegirl in this scene fucked me up & reminded me of this cougar that used to dig me, who wanted to go there with me. Not the kid boo!

All I can say about this, is that is was nasty & sexy. Nasty in a good/bad way.

Vignette 5 “Tonight 2” picks up where “Tonight 1” leaves off & the cavalry comes to rescue the young woman that did not sacrifice herself. I though that “Tonight 2” dragged a bit but it was interesting watching this young woman catch feelings for her friend’s older brother through song, rememories, fries and the ending of innocence. The makings of a complicated jump off.

The last vignette “American Boyfriend” was one of my favorites & it dealt with a young Negro boy being the love secret who’s held up in his Chinese American girlfriend’s bedroom as her parents visit.

This shit was straight up funny & reminded me of when I met Suite Suzy’s parents who showed up early from a vacation & I was laid up in their house.

What Black movie is complete without a dinner scene? “American Boyfriend” brings a dinner scene full of uncomfortable moments, a lesbian coming out of the closet, parents wanting their Chinese daughter to date/marry an Irish boy & a kiss that fucks up the whole scenario.

This scene is sure to make someone you “oh hell no” a few times.

Bottom line is, “A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy” is a great production! It showcases love, emotion & sex without the hypersexuality or raunchy B movie effect. In fact, I found all of the scenes to be very artful & in great taste.

There are a lot of directors that need to take a few pages from Dennis Dortch’s playbook, because homeboy set this off.

Before the credits finished rolling, I was on buying the DVD to have in my archive & since I was caught up in the moment of great Black cinema, I copped the soundtrack also (soundtrack is the bomb). Money well spent.

“A Good Day To Be Black & Sexy” is another shining example of Black cinema done right!
Official Description:

Press play on A GOOD DAY TO BE BLACK AND SEXY. A mixed tape of deftly arranged vignettes on Black Love, Sex, and Reciprocity. What you hear may be unrecognizable at first… Neo-realistic intimacy between black people found in rare grooves previously drowned out by the sounds of modern hook-ups and bougie preoccupations, a cacophony of mass-produced beats created with drum machine loops and software. A Good Day to be Black and Sexy is that dusty LP you find in the crates. But as soon as you put the needle to wax, all the forgotten lyrics return to your lips in this dreamy love sonnet to the beautiful and chocolate coated. The intro track is a prelude into the heavily sensual world of expectations – the rhythm that drives the film. Erotic moments are lullabies that turn into syncopated groves without notice. This record skips, and jumps to the hook of a Millie Jackson remix. An anthem belted out by a minx who knows her limits, but can’t resist testing the boundaries.

It’s a song a sistah can roll her neck and snap her fingers to, exuding, at least for the moment, the confidence that every Black woman wished they had underneath the facade. When the bridge is over, a slow jam slides in- the one from prom night when curfews were extended and hotel rooms were reserved. Back when wistful notions of love were only true when written in diaries and carved on school desks. A sticky interlude eases in and out of the song, and you move a little closer and wrap your arms around to dance tighter, until growing up too fast and maturing too late, causes innocence to be lost too soon. Needle getting closer to the middles leaving the last cut a re-imagined version of masculinity, basketball, and the inability to freely love who you want to love, at the ease that non-Negroes take for granted. Time runs out and so does the tape. Eject